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NIOSH Research Rounds - April, 2017

NIOSH Research Rounds - April, 2017


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Volume 2, Number 10 (April 2017)

Ideal Cardiovascular Health Varies by Occupation

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease (diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels and include stroke) vary considerably by occupation according to a new study by NIOSH and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Although previous research looked at cardiovascular disease risk among U.S. workers, the current study is the first of its kind. Investigators comprehensively analyzed biometrics, or clinical measures, and behavioral risk factors in a national sample of workers employed across a wide range of occupations, which they report in a paper published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Respirator Use Low among Surveyed Farm Operators

Respirators reduce exposure to harmful airborne substances, but most farm operators who manage a farm’s day-to-day activities do not wear them, according to a new NIOSH study in the Journal of Agromedicine. The study highlights the need for more education about respirator use among these workers.

NIOSH Designs and Tests Device to Prevent Winch Injuries at Sea

After a 15-year-old boy died when a rotating winch drum on a shrimp vessel in the Gulf of Mexico caught his clothing, the U.S. Coast Guard asked NIOSH to identify ways to prevent winch entanglements in the U.S. southern shrimp fleet. With reports of 35 injuries, including 8 deaths, involving winches in the U.S. southern shrimp fleet, winch entanglements are a serious problem.

Pumpable Roof Supports Tested in Simulated Mine

Underground mine safety depends upon many factors, including special equipment that stabilizes the mine roof to prevent collapse during coal removal. Known as pumpable roof supports, these collapsible, cylindrical bags are attached to the mine roof. Once attached, the bags are filled with cement through hoses threaded through holes in the mine roof. Wire bands encircling the bags maintain the cylindrical shape as the bags fill with cement.

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