sábado, 29 de julio de 2017

Core Quality Measures Collaborative Pediatric Core Measure

Today the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is announcing the release of a Pediatric measure set as part of the Core Quality Measures Collaborative (CQMC).  This release marks the next step forward for alignment of quality measures between public and private payers. Seven of the nine measures in this Pediatric set of quality measures are harmonized with existing state-level measures in the Medicaid and CHIP Child Core Set

The CQMC core measure sets are intended for practitioner (e.g., physician/clinician) or group practice level accountability. The initial seven core sets, released in February 2016, were in the following areas: Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)/ Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs)/primary care, OB/GYN, Cardiology, HIV/Hepatitis C, Gastroenterology, Oncology and Orthopedics.

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