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ELR / Electronic Laboratory Reporting | CDC

ELR / Electronic Laboratory Reporting | CDC

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Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) for public health is the automated transmission of laboratory reports from laboratories to state and local public health departments. ELR supports notifiable condition[PDF – 2 pages]reporting to public health departments. The information presented here is intended for public health agencies and laboratories engaged in ELR implementation and those interested in using ELR. Some terms and details may be unfamiliar to those with no experience in ELR.
The CDC supports and monitors ELR implementations at the national level, funds ELR via the ELC cooperative agreement, provides technical assistance for ELR, and reports on the status of ELR in publications and presentations. The CDC works with other partners who together are ensuring the continued success and progress of public health ELR.
“Thanks to electronic laboratory reporting (ELR), we’re detecting outbreaks faster than ever.… We must keep expanding use of ELR to help CDC and our partners save lives and reduce healthcare costs.”
– CDC Director Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H.

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