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NIOSH Research Rounds - May, 2018

NIOSH Research Rounds - May, 2018


In This Issue

Inside NIOSH:
Injury from Work-related Assaults Increasing among Law Enforcement Officers

The rate of nonfatal injury from work-related assaults has increased among law enforcement officers, according to a NIOSH study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The study is the first national investigation of nonfatal injuries from assaults and other unintentional injuries, including accidental falls and motor vehicle crashes.

Training Lags for Non-native Workers in Small Construction Companies

Non-native workers in the United States employed in small construction companies received less safety and health training than non-native workers in larger companies, according to research by NIOSH and the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). The research recently appeared in the journal Safety Science.

Outside NIOSH:
Fatigue-related Crashes More Likely Farther from Rest Stops

Rest areas are a welcome sight on a long-distance road trip. For commercial truck drivers in need of a safe place to park, stretch, and sleep, rest areas are not only a welcome sight, but an essential part of a safe and healthy workplace.

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