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Patient Advocates Directory: Linking Patients and Families to Health Care Advocates

AdvocateDirectory.org is a product of years of networking and research by individuals who reached out to each other, shared their personal - and often tragic - stories of challenges with the medical system and who collaborated to function as the very first grassroots advocates calling for improvements in safety, quality and compassion in healthcare.

The directory had its origins in a simple email list begun years ago by Mothers Against Medical Error (MAME) as a means of keeping medical error victims and their supporters in touch with each other and updated on news and events in the patient safety community. The number of listings has grown as the patient safety movement has grown, and it now includes not only the grassroots organizations who made up the original patient safety advocates, but also a variety of online resources such as patient advocacy professionals, blogs, radio shows, and videos from the US and abroad.

The community represented by AdvocateDirectory.org is not necessarily the one that people often think of when they hear the term “patient advocacy.” These are not, for the most part, organizations focused on specific illnesses or groups supported by big medical or pharmaceutical corporations. The organizations and individuals listed here are generally people whose mission relates to the improvement of quality and transparency in healthcare, or the provision of services or resources that improve the safety of individual patients.

The patient safety advocacy community is a diverse and vibrant one and encompasses many points of view. This list of links and websites is presented solely as a resource for patient advocates and other individuals who seek information on patient safety and quality. The inclusion of a listing in this directory does not in any way imply endorsement by Mothers Against Medical Error or by any other individual or organization on the website.

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Patient Advocates Directory: Linking Patients and Families to Health Care Advocates

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