jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

Now Available: Leading Change Accomplishments Report

Now Available: Leading Change Accomplishments Report

Brief Document
Today, SAMHSA released theLeading Change Accomplishments Report. This report highlights some key accomplishments SAMHSA has achieved through its Strategic Initiatives.
Through these initiatives, SAMHSA has helped local behavioral health care providers take advantage of new opportunities under the Affordable Care Act and worked with states to ensure that SAMHSA block grants complement expanded Medicaid and private insurance coverage. In addition, SAMHSA launched new enrollment efforts to assist people with mental health and substance use disorders get health coverage.
SAMHSA has used the Strategic Initiatives to guide the development of critical infrastructure, which supports the adoption of health information technology by behavioral health providers and adds a new focus on outcomes and quality—not only for SAMHSA but also for the broader behavioral health system.
SAMHSA has redoubled its efforts around the prevention of substance use and mental illness, with an emphasis on prescription drug misuse and underage drinking. SAMHSA also took definitive steps to support the recovery of Americans living with mental health and substance use disorders. SAMHSA used these initiatives to increase public awareness and understanding that behavioral health is essential to overall health. These initiatives helped create partnerships across systems, including housing, criminal justice, the military, veterans care, and child welfare, to help people with unique and urgent needs.
Download your copy of the Accomplishments Report.

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