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OASIS (HHA) to QIES Assessment Submission and Processing (ASAP) System

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Effective January 1, 2015, OASIS assessment data will be submitted to CMS via the national OASIS Assessment Submission and Processing (ASAP) system.

With the implementation of the OASIS ASAP system, Home Health Agencies will no longer submit OASIS assessment data to CMS via their state databases. To access the OASIS ASAP system, you will need a QIES / HHA User ID.  
If you currently have a QIES / HHA User ID no action is required. This User ID will allow access to both the OASIS (ASAP) Submission System and CASPER Reporting System.

If you do not have a QIES / HHA User ID, refer to the OASIS Access Information page of QTSO at for details regarding how to obtain access.

In order to transition data from the state databases to ASAP, the OASIS submission system will shut down at 6:00 p.m. ET on December 26, 2014. The OASIS ASAP system will be available at 12:00 a.m. ET on January 1, 2015. Files submitted on or after January 1, 2015 must follow version 2.10 (which supports OASIS-C) and version 2.11 (which supports OASIS-C1) of the OASIS data submission specifications.
jHAVEN version 1.0.0 coming soon!
jHAVEN Version 1.0.0 is a java-based application and is a replacement to HAVEN 10.8 for the support of  OASIS C and will include OASIS C1. As with HAVEN, the jHAVEN software application will be provided free from CMS for HHAs to use for submission of their OASIS data.
Users who have previously used the HAVEN software will be able to migrate their OASIS C data from their current database(s) into a new jHAVEN database via the Migration Tool. The Migration Tool will be included with the initial release of jHAVEN. In order to allow users the necessary time to complete this Migration step, jHAVEN 1.0.0 is anticipated to be available for download and installation in early to mid-December 2014. 
jHAVEN will not support OASIS B1 assessments. In order to maintain an electronic copy of OASIS B1 assessments (M0090 completion date prior to 01/01/2010) it will be necessary for users to continue to maintain HAVEN Version 10.8.  Please note that exported submission files generated via HAVEN 10.8 must be submitted prior to December 26, 2014 at 6:00 PM EST. 
Submissions will again be available on January 1, 2015 to the new ASAP (Assessment Submission and Processing) system.  Submission files generated using HAVEN 10.8 will not be accepted by the ASAP System as all files submitted to ASAP must be in proper XML format.
jHAVEN will be available for download on the QTSO website at
OASIS Validation Utility Tool (VUT)
The Validation Utility Tool (VUT) is a software utility that can be used to validate OASIS submission files in XML format. The tool enforces the edits that are mapped to the OASIS items, as published in the OASIS-C and OASIS-C1 specifications. The initial release of the VUT incorporates the V2.10.1 specifications for OASIS-C and the V2.11.2 specifications for OASIS-C1, plus the errata identified prior to the VUT release.
Please note that there are a few edits that the VUT cannot support, because they are edits against existing ASAP system data. Since the VUT does not interface with ASAP, it cannot confirm those edits.
The VUT does not currently interface with the OASIS HIPPS grouper; therefore, it does not recalculate and confirm that HIPPS values are correct.
An enhanced OASIS VUT will be available in early or mid-December 2014 on the QTSO website at Enhancements are being made with the following:
  1. Edit changes as identified in the Errata dated October 31, 2014 Issues A53, A54 and A55.
  2. ICD-9 code look-up process - fix to acknowledge three digit ICD-9 codes.
  3. Skip Pattern process - a fix has been implemented in relation to processes where more than one skip pattern exists for a specific item.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the OASIS ASAP system, new jHAVEN software or the OASIS VUT, please contact the QTSO Help Desk at 800-339-9313 or at

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