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Vaughn’s #GetCovered Story

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Dec 02, 2014
By: Vaughn Alvarez, 28, Atlanta, GA
YouTube Embedded Video: Dreams to Accomplish: Vaughn's #GetCovered Story
Atlanta is a great city to live in -- it’s definitely the “up and poppin” area to be in for the entertainment industry. We’ve got Tyler Perry studios, we’ve got Turner, we’ve got CNN, and there are Bravo shows too - there’s always a red carpet or other celebrity event.
So I was excited when I had the chance earlier this year to change careers and go to a public relations firm. But I had to think first about the fact that the PR job didn’t come with health insurance benefits.
Fortunately, the Health Insurance Marketplace made it possible for me to get affordable health insurance and join the PR agency. I selected a plan that costs $80 a month, with a tax credit, through the Marketplace, which is affordable for me.
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