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Febuary 2015 CMS National Training Program Update

National Training Program

CMS Adds Dialysis Facility Compare Star Ratings

CMS has just added star ratings to the Dialysis Facility Compare website. These ratings summarize performance data, making it easier for consumers to use the information to compare facilities' quality of care. These ratings spotlight excellence in health care quality. CMS has also updated data on individual quality measures to reflect the most recent data for existing measures.
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Star ratings can help consumers quickly identifydifferences in quality and make use of the reporting information when selecting a facility. In addition to summarizing performance, star ratings can help dialysis facilities identify areas for improvement. They are useful to consumers,consumer advocates, health care providers, and other stakeholders, when updated regularly to present the most current information available
Visit to view other resources that can help you make good informed health care choices, including Physician Compare, Nursing Home Compare,  Home Health Compare, and the Medicare Plan Finder.

Webinars to Grow Your Knowledge

Monthly Update Webinar
February 3, 2015                                               2:30 – 3:30 pm ET
Each month we offer an update webinar featuring subject matter experts who share information on current topics to keep you up-to-date. We'll be reviewing CMS Five Star Ratings, the CMS calendar of data/information releases, updates on enrollment forms and getting ready for tax season.
Join the audio portion of the webinar on 1-800-603-1774, conference ID: 43063162 and join the webinar at .  
Medicare Learning Series – Key Medicare Dates
February 12, 2015                            1:00 – 2:30 pm ET
Join the CMS National Training Team as we review the annual Medicare calendar. We’ll review Medicare enrollment dates and highlight when key data is released. Webinar audio will be provided through your pc speakers. Join the webinar at .

New CMS Publications

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