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Here's what 10 people told the President about their health care:


Here's what 10 people told the President about their health care:
WATCH: 10 letter-writers talk with President Obama.
Ten people who wrote the President about their health care were invited to the White House this week. See what they said to the President, and read their personal stories here.
When the Health Insurance Marketplace opened last year, Ann from Westport, Connecticut found that she qualified for Medicaid in her state. That coverage finally gave her the opportunity to see a doctor -- and catch her breast cancer early on.
Don from Phoenix, Arizona signed up for health insurance last year under the Affordable Care Act and had a general checkup soon after. After getting a routine colonoscopy, however, doctors found a large, cancerous tumor. Now it's gone, and Don is cancer-free.
As House Republicans keep trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act -- this week marked more than 50 times they've voted to repeal or undermine it -- the law continues to help and save the lives of millions of Americans. A number of them have written the President just to say "thank you," and on Wednesday, the President met with 10 of those letter-writers here at the White House.
Unfortunately, there are still millions of uninsured Americans who don't know why it's so important to get covered, or how they stand to benefit. And it's on each and every one of us to change that.
If you know someone who needs to get health insurance, share these stories with them today -- and remind them that the deadline to sign up for health insurance is February 15.

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