martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

NQMC Update Service: February 16, 2015

NQMC Update Service: February 16, 2015

National Quality Measures Clearinghouse (NQMC)

Notice to Our Users - Enhanced HHS Measures Inventory Coming in February 2015!

The HHS Measures Inventory is currently undergoing improvements to enhance the content, functionality, and overall user experience of the Web site.
  • Streamlined Measure Updating. The HHS Measures Inventory will transition from an annual to a "real-time" updating of content directly to the Web site.
  • Links to Expanded Measure Information. When available, external links will be established among measures in the HHS Measures Inventory and the same or similar measure residing in the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse (NQMC), the National Quality Forum (NQF), and the United States Health Information Knowledgebase (USHIK) repositories.
  • New Measure History Display. A complete history of entry actions, including measure submission, review, and the date and time of each action will be displayed for each measure record.

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