viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

China drops one-child policy. Ghost hunters. Love & Fidelity, live, at Princeton

The one child policy is dead!

The good news today is that China’s one-party government has finally dropped its one-child policy. This is only a step in the right direction, since the limit is now two children per couple. And the reasons, which are primarily economic, fall short of the ethical standard one would like to hear the nation’s leaders embrace, one of these days. Marcus Roberts gives us a run-down on the big announcement.
The bad news is that it’s Halloween again this weekend. Apologies to those who really enjoy dressing up in spooky/scary/crazy costumes and having a great autumn party, but I just can’t stand the sight of a witch’s hat coming up my driveway. It’s spring Down Under, pumpkins are scarce and besides, there’s a far more relevant ritual coming up early Sunday morning: the All Blacks are playing the Wallabies in the final of the Rugby World Cup.
However, if you are thinking of investing in pop spirituality, the ghost market is bullish at the moment.

One more thing. There's a terrific conference at Princeton University starting Friday evening EDT, organised by the Love and Fidelity Network. Top-notch speakers are being live streamed.

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor,

The one child policy is dead!
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