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Don’t Miss The January 15 Deadline for February Coverage!

Dept. of Health & Human Services
January 15, 2016
By: Nicholas Garlow, HHS (Public Affairs)
This Open Enrollment has been record-breaking; during peak times, we’ve had more traffic on HealthCare.gov than ever before. More than 11.3 million people have already signed up for Marketplace coverage for 2016, including 3 million new people and almost 4 million people under age 35.
American families across the country are finding out that coverage is affordable, and thanks to new protections like preventive services at no extra cost, it’s better than before the Affordable Care Act. That’s why 17.6 million Americans have gotten covered since the law’s provisions have taken effect, and why our nation now has the lowest levels of the uninsured in history.
And there’s still time to get covered! Open Enrollment on HealthCare.gov ends at the end of January, but if you want coverage that’s guaranteed to start on February 1, you need to sign up before the end of January 15.
Get covered. Sign up for 2016 coverage today. HealthCare.gov.
Sure, you could sign up any time before the deadline, but why wait when coverage in February is so important. 
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