martes, 12 de enero de 2016

Health Literacy Resources for Older Adult Caregivers

Health Literacy Resources for Older Adult Caregivers

Caregivers for older adults may have vast responsibilities, depending on the older adults’ needs. Caregivers can influence health decisions older adults make or the decisions other people make about older adults. Because of this influence and responsibility, they need skills to support complicated medical conditions and take advantage of opportunities to help older adults with health information.
The “Tips for Caregivers” section of CDC’s Health Literacy website has a list of resources for caregivers who serve older adults. For example, the Palliative Care Communication Institute created “A Communication Guide for Caregivers” to help families talk about cancer and get much needed care and support.
You can find this and more caregiver resources by visiting our Older Adults: Tips for Caregivers webpage

Also, check out the new Everyday Words for Public Health Communication document on the “Develop Materials” section of ourhealth literacy website.

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