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Call for Briefs – Submit Yours to PCD

Call for Briefs – Submit Yours to PCD


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Interested in publishing your work in PCD? We are currently encouraging submissions to our Briefs category. Briefs are a condensed version of an Original Research article that undergo the same peer review process as an Original Research article but have the following advantages:
  • Faster peer review
  • Faster decision on acceptance or rejection
  • Faster editorial and production process
  • Faster time to publication
Briefs may be submitted on any topic that is within scope for PCD but must follow these guidelines:
  • Word count: text, 1,000 words; abstract, 100 words 
  • References: 12
  • Tables/figures: no more than 2 figures or 2 tables or 1 of each
If you’re interested in submitting your manuscript for consideration as a PCD Brief, see our For Authors section for additional submission details. We look forward to receiving your submission.
Best regards,
Leonard Jack, Jr, PhD, MSc

PCD Editor in Chief
Call for Briefs – Submit Yours to PCD

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