jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016

MercatorNet : US election survey: how would you vote today? | MercatorNet

In addition to the stories below we have special feature for American readers: a survey in which you can tell us how you would vote if the US presidential election were being held today. Some readers have already made their views clear in comments on various articles we have published about the extraordinary campaign we (that is, the Whole World) have been witnessing this year. For others, this is a chance to tell us, anonymously, what you feel about the state of American politics at the moment. In the survey you are largely limited to ticking circles, but if you want to sound off you can always leave a comment. We are keenly awaiting your feedback.

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor,

The Middle East needs education and jobs for the young
Zahir Irani | FEATURES | 11 August 2016
And international help to make it possible.
The resistance of Christianity in its homelands
Martino Diez | ABOVE | 11 August 2016
The separation of powers and a culture of rights already attract many Muslims.
The striking similarities between The Bachelorette and porn
Steven M. Harris | FEATURES | 11 August 2016
Romance or sex, both focus on one element of mate selection to the detriment of everything else.
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