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National Quality Strategy (NQS) Webinars

National Quality Strategy (NQS) Webinars

July 21 Webinar Slides and Transcript

Slides and transcript are now available from the July 21 National Quality Strategy Webinar

The National Quality Strategy (NQS) hosted a Webinar last month focused on Federal programs that align with NQS efforts to provide better, more affordable health care. Speakers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Office of Personnel Management shared their tailored approaches to improving health care quality for all Americans, and progress made at the 5-year anniversary of the NQS. The Webinar slides and transcript are available on the Working for Quality Web site.

National Quality Strategy: Better Care. Healthy People/Healthy Communities. Affordable Care.

National Quality Strategy (NQS) Webinars

Past NQS Webinars

  • ExpandableThe National Quality Strategy and The Public Sector—Federal Agency Alignment to the Six Priorities

    Completed July 21, 2016

  • ExpandableBetter Care, Healthier People and Communities, More Affordable Care: 5 Years of the National Quality Strategy (more...)

    Completed May 17, 2016

  • ExpandableNational Quality Strategy Webinar: Best Practices to Improve Community Health (more...)

    Completed August 6, 2015

  • ExpandableThe 2014 Quality and Disparities Report and the National Quality Strategy: Working Together to Improve Health Care (more...)

    Completed May 11, 2015

  • ExpandableNational Quality Strategy Levers in Action: Using Payment to Improve Health and Health Care Quality (more...)

    Completed February 4, 2015

  • ExpandableNational Quality Strategy: Using Quality Measurement for Improvement (more...)

    Completed September 17, 2014

  • ExpandableNational Quality Strategy Webinar: Using the Nine Levers to Achieve Results (more...)

    Completed August 19, 2014

  • ExpandableNational Quality Strategy: Using Levers to Achieve Improved Health and Health Care (more...)

    Completed May 13, 2014

  • ExpandableNational Quality Strategy: 2013 Annual Progress Report to Congress (more...)

    Completed Thursday, August 8, 2013

  • ExpandableAdvancing the National Quality Strategy: An Introduction to the Stakeholder Toolkit (more...)

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