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Watch for signs of medical identity theft |

Watch for signs of medical identity theft |

Watch for signs of medical identity theft

 (Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall graphic by Helen Klein)(Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall graphic by Helen Klein)

did you know that health care is the number one target, nearly as much as retail, finance, and banking combined, for identity theft and fraud? Your health information is important to you and your health care provider. But in the wrong hands, it can be valuable to someone else. Would you know if someone stole your medical identity? 
Identity theft affects millions of people year. The Federal Trade Commission offers several steps you can take to make sure your health care information remains secure. 
First, read your medical and insurance statements regularly and completely. They can show warning signs of identity theft. Look for services you did not receive or providers you did not see.  This is like seeing charges on your credit card statement that were not yours. 
Next, read the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement or Medicare Summary Notice that your health plan sends after each treatment. Again, check the name of the provider, the date of service, and the service provided. Do the claims paid match the care you received? If you see a mistake, contact your health plan and report the problem. 
You should also watch for bills if you know part of your care was not covered. If a bill doesn't show up when you expect it, look into it. 
Being cyber fit requires us to be mindful of your health information even when you’re not using health IT. You are the center of your healthcare. Empower yourself to protect your information. For more information about cyber fitness, visit the TRICARE website.

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