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Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCCs) Feature

About Multiple Chronic Condition (MCC) Guidelines | National Guideline Clearinghouse

Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCCs) Feature

Identify Multiple Chronic Condition (MCC) guidelines in NGC by searching or browsing, and then applying the "Addresses Multiple Chronic Conditions" filter from the left side of the Search Results page. Learn more.

About Multiple Chronic Condition (MCC) Guidelines

Chronic conditions are conditions that last a year or more and require ongoing medical attention and/or limit activities of daily living. Multiple chronic conditions (MCC) are concurrent chronic conditions. In other words, multiple chronic conditions are two or more chronic conditions that affect a person at the same time. For example, either a person with arthritis and hypertension or a person with heart disease and depression, both have multiple chronic conditions.
More than a quarter of all Americans—and two out of three older Americans—are estimated to have at least two chronic physical or behavioral health problems. Treatment for people living with these multiple chronic conditions (MCC) currently accounts for an estimated 66 percent of the Nation's health care costs. (Source: External Web Site Policy).
In September 2016, NGC launched a new feature designed to help users find guidelines addressing MCC. The feature identifies guidelines that meet the definition for MCC and include actionable recommendations for the treatment of two or more concurrent chronic conditions.

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