domingo, 10 de diciembre de 2017

New from FDA: Protect Patients from Contaminated Mattresses

Hospital Bed Mattresses Covers Safety Poster
Mattress Covers: Keep Them Safe for Use

FDA recently issued new recommendations to help facilities ensure hospital bed mattress covers are safe for use in health care and home care settings.
  • Mattress covers provide outer protection to a mattress by preventing blood and other body fluids from entering the inside (inner core) of the mattress.
  • Over time, hospital bed mattress covers can wear out and allow blood and body fluids to penetrate and get trapped inside mattresses.
  • If blood or body fluids from one patient penetrate and get absorbed in a mattress, the fluids can leak out the next time the mattress is used.
  • Coming into contact with these fluids poses a risk of infection to patients using the bed.
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