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NIAID Funding News, December 6, 2017


December 6, 2017 NIAID Funding News

Feature Articles 

Let’s Be Patently Clear About Patents

Funding recipients have the right to retain title to inventions made under federally funded research but must comply with regulations to ensure the timely transfer of the technology to the public sector.

Opportunities and Resources

NIH Issues Parent R01, R21 Clinical Trial Funding Opportunities

NIAID plans to discontinue the funding opportunity announcement (FOA) NIAID Clinical Trial Implementation Grant (R01) and in its place use two new NIH clinical trial FOAs for investigator-initiated research. 

Funding Available for Big Data Studies of HIV Suppression

Help find approaches to increase the precision and timeliness of measures along the HIV treatment cascade and determine critical components of rapid and sustained viral suppression at the individual and population level.

Updated FOAs: Titles Tell You Yes, No, or Maybe About Clinical Trials

NIH is issuing (or reissuing) funding opportunity announcements with titles that specify whether clinical trials are optional, required, or not allowed.

In The News

NIAID Sets Interim Paylines for Beginning of FY 2018

NIAID sets interim paylines early in the fiscal year at a conservative level. Later in the fiscal year, once we better understand how many applications we’ve received and how much money is available, we adjust the paylines to their final amounts.

Learn About NIAID's Genomic Data Sharing Policy

Visit the NIAID Genomic Data Sharing policy page for in-depth coverage of when the policy applies, data submission and release, sample data sharing plans and templates, informed consent for sharing data from human samples, institutional certification, exceptions, and contact information.

A “Capital” Idea: Attend NIH Regional Seminar, Get Discounted Rates

If you’re an investigator, administrator, or anyone else new to the NIH grants process, the Regional Seminar offers a chance to gain a better perspective of NIH policies and programs, network with peers, and gather helpful NIH contacts.

Publish in Reputable, Credible Journals

NIH encourages authors to publish in journals that follow best practices promoted by professional scholarly publishing organizations for research integrity and ethics.

    Advice Corner

    Make Sure That New Application Is New

    When you use an old application as the starting point for a new (A0) application, the A0 must not reference any prior applications or reviews—if it does, NIH will withdraw it without a review.

    Reader Questions

    New Funding Opportunities

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