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Supplemental Items for the SOPS Hospital Survey | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Supplemental Items for the SOPS Hospital Survey | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

AHRQ--Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Advancing Excellence in Health Care

Supplemental Items for the SOPS Hospital Survey

AHRQ has developed supplemental items that can be added to the Hospital SOPS to assess content in areas not covered by the core questions.
All SOPS™ surveys are composed of standardized questions—referred to as core items—that support the comparability of survey content across users. There are also optional supplemental items that users may add to assess content in areas not included in the core questionnaire.
  • Composites: Supplemental items are typically ordered by subheadings or composites, which means they were developed and tested together to address a specific topic. When inserting supplemental items, include the appropriate subheadings.
  • Modifications: If you choose to administer only a subset of the supplemental items, include all items within the composites you want to assess; do not reorder items within a composite. For composites you do not want to assess, delete all the items in those composites.
  • Placement: Any supplemental items must be added to the end of the SOPS survey, just before the Background Questions section. Be sure to include the definitions of terms. Also, the format of any new subheadings should be consistent with that of existing subheadings in the SOPS Hospital Survey.
The following SOPS supplemental item set for the Hospital Survey is available:
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