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NIAID Funding News, May 16, 2018


May 16, 2018 NIAID Funding News

Feature Articles 

Putting "Effort" Into Your Application

Calculating effort isn't an exact science, but you need to make an appropriate estimate. Make sure your budget justification includes enough information for reviewers to understand why you need the time you request and what you'll do with it.

Opportunities and Resources

Address Universal Influenza Vaccine Through Administrative Supplement Due June 1, Gates Foundation Opportunity

The topic of a universal influenza vaccine is receiving much attention, so we want to turn yours to two opportunities that offer possible funding for vaccine-related research.

Help Develop Biologics for Sustained HIV Remission

If you are capable of innovative research and development of biologic drugs that alone or with combination antiretroviral therapy can induce long-lasting HIV remission, apply for support under a new R01 funding opportunity.

Research Delivery of Anti-HIV Gene Therapies

Propose to develop and optimize delivery vehicles or cell-targeting strategies, in combination with an existing gene therapeutic strategy, using in vivo administration in an animal model context.

In The News

Finish Submissions in Inclusion Management System by June 8 for Transition to New Human Subjects System on June 9

Records you complete in the Inclusion Management System before June 9, 2018, will automatically migrate to the Human Subjects System. Incomplete records, not yet submitted by the signing official to NIH, will not migrate.

Looking Ahead to 2020: See What DMID Has Planned for Its Clinical Trial Networks

Learn our plans to modify the DMID Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Units (VTEU) program and implement a Leadership Group that will work in conjunction with the VTEU sites and be responsible for generating clinical trial protocols.

Open-Access Tuberculosis Data and Analytical Tools at Your Fingertips

TB Portals is a unique resource—a web-based, open-access platform that contains data from tuberculosis (TB) patients in high-burden countries, especially those with multi-drug resistant TB.

National Institute on Aging Offers Alzheimer’s Disease Supplemental Funding Due June 8

Apply for an administrative supplement to expand your current award to develop a focus on Alzheimer’s Disease and its related dementias.

Advice Corner

Getting an Error Message? Check the Forms Version

Using FORMS-D to submit your application will result in an error; don’t let the error message mislead you into thinking the funding opportunity itself is expired.

Reader Questions

New Funding Opportunities

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