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AHRQ What's New at MEPS - Summer 2014 Update

AHRQ What's New at MEPS - Summer 2014 Update


Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

Upcoming Workshops

Registration is now OPEN for the MEPS Two-Day Data Users' Workshop. September 22–23, 2014, Rockville, MD. More details. . .

APHA Annual Meeting, Sunday, November 16, 2014, from 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., New Orleans, LA. Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS): Using MEPS Data in National and Regional Health Services Research.

New Data Files 

This is one in a series of public use event files that provides detailed information on household reported prescribed medicines: 2012 Prescribed Medicines File (HC-152A).
Several new event-level public use files from the 2012 MEPS-HC have been released: 2012 Dental Visits File (HC-152B)2012 Other Medical Expenses File (HC-152C)2012 Hospital Inpatient Stays File (HC-152D), 2012 Emergency Room Visits File (HC-152E)2012 Outpatient Visits File (HC-152F)2012 Office-Based Medical Provider Visits File (HC-152G), and 2012 Home Health File (HC-152H).

The eighteenth point in time data file has been added to the site and is now available: MEPS 2013 Panel 17 Round 3/Panel 18 Round 1 Population Characteristics (HC-151).
The variables on this file are fully-imputed versions of selected employment variables from the full-year 2000-2011 consolidated public use files: 2000-2011 Employment Variables File (HC-131). 
Analytical Tools

The MEPSnet/Insurance Component data query tool has been updated with 2013 private-sector estimates.

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