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Epigenetics & Public Health: Emerging Area to Watch

Epi Genetics with DNA
Epigenetics across the human lifespanExternal Web Site Icon
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Looking beyond our DNA. Horizons in bioscience.  Adobe PDF file [PDF 10.63 MB]External Web Site Icon 
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) (2014)
Epigenetics: relevance and implications for public health.External Web Site Icon 
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Histone deacetylases and their inhibitors in cancer, neurological diseases and immune disorders.External Web Site Icon 
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You are what you eat, but what about your DNA?External Web Site Icon 
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Epigenetics can drive cancer, may be target for new treatments,External Web Site Icon by Kenrick Vezina, Genetic Literacy Project, Jul 29
The epigenetic landscape of Alzheimer's diseaseExternal Web Site Icon
Jenny Lord et al., Nature Neuroscience 2014; 17: 1138-1140
Advances in the profiling of DNA modifications: cytosine methylation and beyondExternal Web Site Icon
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