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Genomics|Update|Current ► Severe Combined Immunodeficiency: Newborn Screening Saves Lives


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Severe Combined Immunodeficiency: Newborn Screening Saves Lives

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What is SCID?External Web Site Icon  Severe combined immunodeficiency is a group of genetic disorders characterized by little or no immune response. SCID is sometimes known as "bubble boy" disease. Patients are susceptible to recurrent infections. New treatments can save many SCID patients. From the National Center Biotechnology Information, NIH
Editorial: Newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency:  Progress and challenges.External Web Site Icon
Neil A. Holtzman. JAMA. 2014;312(7):701-702.  
Transplantation outcomes for severe combined immunodeficiency, 2000–2009External Web Site Icon
Sung-Yun Pai, et al. New England Journal Medicine, July 30, 2014
CDC information: Newborn screening: Saving Lives for 50 Years - CDC recently helped put into practice a newborn screening blood test for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID).
The long quest for neonatal screening for SCIDExternal Web Site Icon
R Buckley, J Allergy Immunology Infectious Diseases (2012)

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