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CAHPS Hospice Survey | Home Page

CAHPS Hospice Survey | Home Page

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Time’s a wasting – Get started with Hospice CAHPS.  February is the second month of the Hospice CAHPS Dry Run.  If you are an eligible hospice, you must participate in at least one month of the Hospice CAHPS Dry Run (January, February, or March 2015), followed by ongoing monthly participation starting April 2015.  To get started with Hospice CAHPS, you must contract with a CMS-approved vendor, authorize the vendor, and send them lists of patients for the sampled months.  Successful participation in Hospice CAHPS can impact your Medicare Annual Payment Update for FY 2017.  For more information, go to the Hospice CAHPS survey website, email technical assistance or call toll free at 1-844-472-4621.

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About the Survey

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Hospice Survey was designed to measure and assess the experiences of patients who died while receiving hospice care, as well as the experiences of their informal primary caregivers. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) developed the CAHPS Hospice Survey with input from many stakeholders, including other government agencies, industry stakeholders, consumer groups, and other key individuals and organizations involved in hospice care.
Since the CAHPS Hospice Survey focuses on experiences of care, implementation of the survey supports the following national priorities for improving care: involving patients and families in care and promoting effective communication and coordination.
The standardized 47 question CAHPS Hospice Survey instrument is composed of the following measures: Hospice Team Communication, Getting Timely Care, Treating Family Member with Respect, Providing Emotional Support, Support for Religious and Spiritual Beliefs, Getting Help for Symptoms, Information Continuity, Understanding the Side Effects of Pain Medication, and Getting Hospice Care Training.
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Hospice Experience of Care Survey: Development and Field Test Report

The Hospice Experience of Care Survey: Development and Field Test Report is now available. In this report, a brief summary of the work that was conducted to develop and field-test the new survey, referred to as the Hospice Experience Survey during the field test. This survey is being implemented nationally as the CAHPS Hospice Survey beginning in 2015.
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FY 2015 Hospice Final Rule

CMS issued a final rule to update the Medicare hospice wage index and Medicare hospice payment rates for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 on August 4, 2014. For more information, please visit
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To Provide Comments or Ask Questions

For technical assistance, contact the CAHPS Hospice Survey Project Team: or 1-844-472-4621.
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