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CDC Releases New Sepsis Fact Sheets and on CDC’s Safe Healthcare Blog Read about a Georgia Nurse’s Personal Experience with Sepsis

CDC Releases New Sepsis Fact Sheets and Shares a Georgia Nurse’s Personal Experience with Sepsis on its Safe Healthcare Blog

Sepsis Fact Sheet

Today, CDC, in collaboration with Sepsis AllianceRory Staunton Foundation and the CDC Foundation, released a series of sepsis fact sheets aimed to improve early detection and treatment of sepsis.
Three fact sheets have been developed:
  • Sepsis Fact Sheet – includes basic information on what is sepsis, what causes sepsis, what are the symptoms of sepsis, what to do if you think you have sepsis and more.
  • Cancer, Infection and Sepsis Fact Sheet – discusses the risks of infection and sepsis among cancer patients and how to prevent infections.
  • Life after Sepsis Fact Sheet – provides information for sepsis survivors on the steps in recovery, symptoms to expect upon returning home, long-term effects of sepsis and more.
All fact sheets are available on CDC’s sepsis website.
Also released today on CDC’s Safe Healthcare Blog, is a post from Susan Irick, a Georgia nurse, who shares her story of surviving sepsis twice. Susan has spent a lot of her career teaching healthcare providers and community members, but did not recognize sepsis when she became ill herself. Through her personal experience, Susan stresses the importance of recognizing sepsis quickly and how receiving rapid medical care increases the chance of survival. This is the first post of a series. Look for upcoming blog posts from clinicians and survivors on personal stories and clinical best practices.
Join the conversation on sepsis at: http://blogs.cdc.gov/safehealthcare/category/sepsis/
For more information on sepsis, visit www.cdc.gov/sepsis/.

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