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NIAID Funding News, September 2, 2015

NIAID Funding News, September 2, 2015

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September 2, 2015 NIAID Funding News

Feature Articles 

Focus on Foreign Investigators: At a U.S. Institution

Here, we will discuss eligibility rules to keep in mind if you are not a U.S. citizen but work for a U.S. organization.

Opportunities and Resources

Supplements Available Supporting Diversity, Career Reentry, and Research Into Sexual and Gender Minorities

To add funds to your existing grant, consider applying for an administrative supplement.

Funding Available to Study Ethical Issues in HIV/AIDS Research

Challenges in research on HIV/AIDS persist as controversies related to clinical trials, access to drugs, stigmatized populations, and global health disparities continuously emerge.

Exploit RNA as a Target for HIV Interventions

Get funding through a new funding opportunity announcement to investigate and exploit the roles of viral and cellular long noncoding RNAs and RNA structural biology in regulating HIV.

In The News

Office of AIDS Research Releases List of HIV/AIDS Research Priorities

NIH, through the Office of AIDS Research, has identified the highest HIV/AIDS research priorities for the next three to five years.

News Briefs


Advice Corner

Application Not Discussed? The Circumstances Matter

If your application is not discussed during peer review, you may not need to start over from scratch.

Reader Questions


New Funding Opportunities

See announcements at NIAID Funding Opportunities List.

Send suggestions or comments to deaweb@niaid.nih.gov.

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