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Public Health Emergency Weekly Report

Public Health Emergency Weekly Report

Public Health Emergency.  Resilient People. Healthy Communities.  A Nation Prepared.

YouTube:  CAPT Rob Tosatto, Director of the Medical Reserve Corps Program

Volunteering to Serve Your Community

CAPT Rob Tosatto, Director of the Medical Reserve Corps Program, explains why service is important to individuals, their communities and the nation. It brings the community together, helps build social connectedness, and it helps your community become more resilient in the face of a disaster.  It also gives individuals a greater sense of pride, better health, and more.  To learn more about the benefits of volunteering and some great options check out the video.
#Teens4Prep: Making communities stronger during disasters and every day

#Teens4Prep:  Teens Promoting Healthy Communities during Disasters and Every Day

Teens across the country are helping their communities stay healthy during disasters and every day through service.  In thisvideo series, teens talk about ways that they are helping their communities and why it matters to them.  Check out their stories and share your own on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag#Teens4Prep.  Add your voice supporting teen health volunteers to the Thunderclap Learn More >>

Student volunteer.

Create lifelong partners in health and community resilience

Lt. Katie Hager, Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps, talks about ways that community service and volunteer organizations can tap into the enthusiasm, energy and willingness to learn that student health volunteers bring to so many of their projects.  Find out how your organization can better engage with student volunteers to promote health, emergency preparedness, community resilience, and more. Learn more >>

MRC volunteer provides health screening.

Serving with the Medical Reserve Corps

Are you looking for a great way to serve? The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. MRC volunteers help provide community health education, staff vaccination clinics, help at emergency shelters, and much more.  Contact your local MRC and find out how you can make a difference in your community.  Learn More >>

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