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Early Registration Deadline: July 11, 2016


Concordium 2016 aims to advance the strategic development and use of evidence to 
transform health systems. Concordium showcases innovation and leading ideas; provides 
an opportunity to share emerging science and applications; and promote collaboration to 
improve health.
This year’s conference will bring together individuals and organizations working with health 
data to integrate evidence, practice, and policy in the delivery system setting. With discussion-based, 
innovative session formats, the conference is designed to be a transdisciplinary convergence of 
individuals designing and executing strategies for delivery system transformation.

Register for Concordium 2016

call for submissions

Contribute Your Insights on Collecting and Using Patient-Reported 

Outcomes in Practice

The EDM Forum is currently soliciting submissions to the PROactive toolkit to promote emerging 
best practices for implementing patient-reported outcomes (PRO) in health care settings. PRO 
measures, implementation guides, governance modules, analytic plans or code for analyzing PRO 
data, and other tools will be accepted to promote the dissemination of useful and generalizable 
strategies to assist clinicians, administrators and researchers who are interested in including PROs 
in their work.
The toolkit will be a living resource and we invite you to submit materials you feel will be helpful to 
accelerate appropriate uses of PROs in practice.

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