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MercatorNet: Obama at Hiroshima. Getting teens to obey


Apart from Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2008, Barack Obama is the only world leader to have visited Hiroshima, the first city to have experienced the devastation of an atomic bomb. Obviously the topics of World War II and the Bomb were far too sensitive for most Westen politicians to confront. 
Yet Obama's speech there was a rhetorical triumph. He managed to speak eloquently about the most controversial decision ever made by an American president without uttering a word of apology or even of self-defence. How did he do it? Read below....

Michael Cook 

Obama’s speech at Hiroshima was an oratorial gem
Michael Cook | FEATURES | 1 June 2016
... in which he said nothing and gave nothing away
Getting teens to obey (the right people)
Mary Cooney | FAMILY EDGE | 1 June 2016
Accepting authority is virtuous, but not all authorities are equal.
Will emerging markets cope with the challenges of an ageing population?
Marcus Roberts | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY | 1 June 2016
Investors are concerned that they won't.
‘Peter Rabbit’ vs. ‘Polar Bear’s Underwear: the revenge of the classics
Julia Dent | READING MATTERS | 1 June 2016
A long-lost manuscript is already a bestseller.
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