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EHC Program Update: Outcomes Measures Framework; Nominate a PCOR Finding

EHC Program Update: Outcomes Measures Framework; Nominate a PCOR Finding

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The following has been posted to the EHC Program Web site.

Final Report

Got Evidence? Want to Share? Nominate a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Finding

AHRQ recognizes that to improve health outcomes more quickly, we need to close the implementation gap by investing in concerted efforts to promote using evidence in practice. As described in the Affordable Care Act, AHRQ will disseminate patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) on preventive, diagnostic, treatment, or health care delivery approaches to improve health outcomes, including those that are meaningful to patients.

Through its PCOR Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Initiative, AHRQ is seeking nominations for high-impact research findings that have the potential to improve patient care and health outcomes. You and other stakeholders are key to helping AHRQ identify high-impact PCOR findings that require investments in dissemination and implementation activities to speed widespread adoption in practice to improve health outcomes. Complete nominations will consist of a peer-reviewed finding; supporting evidence, practice recommendations, and/or quality measures; information about how implementation would improve care and outcomes; and information about the feasibility of disseminating and implementing the finding. This process is open to all, no matter who funded the initial research. For more information about the AHRQ PCOR D&I Initiative, please visit www.ahrq.gov/cpi/initiatives/pcortf/pcortf-nom.html.

We need your help to identify the most impactful PCOR findings to disseminate and implement. Submit a nomination today athttps://PCORnomination.ahrq.gov. Please share this information widely with your members, constituency, and/or colleagues. Contact us at AHRQimplements@ahrq.hhs.gov if you have questions or would like additional information.

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