lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016

MercatorNet: Help us in our mission | MercatorNet

Hi there,
I noticed you thought about donating to MercatorNet but didn't quite make it.
Was it something I said? Perhaps one of the following reasons may persuade you:
  1. A donation to MercatorNet will help form hard-working clear-thinking citizens.
  2. A donation to MercatorNet will defend and strengthen the nuclear family, the foundation stone of our society.
  3. A donation to MercatorNet will help educate the world about the value of human life and human dignity, thus saving thousands of lives, if not millions.
If this isn't enough, consider some other reasons. Donations help us to grow our list of contributors. They help keep the website up-to-date. And supporting what is good and true gives you a warm inner glow.  

Please donate today, and claim all of the above!

Thank you in advance for your generosity,
U.S. taxpayers can make a tax-deductible donation by contributing to our U.S. partner "The Waterstone Group". Select United States as country in our donation page and follow the instructions to donate through PayPal or sending a check.
What our subscribers think of us:
"It is a true source of information about families and human dignity"

"It represents a world view unknown to many who are exposed to biased articles produced by the mainstream media."

"It provides mind opening information on current issues as well as giving a fresh perspective on dated matters"

"Your articles are smart and resourceful - just awesome! "
Michael Cook
New Media Foundation
Publisher of MercatorNet and BioEdge
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