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CFSAN Constituent Update

FDA Launches Catalog of Food Safety, Nutrition, and Cosmetic Safety Education Materials

February 22, 2018
The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) has transformed its Education Resource Library into a catalog of nearly 300 publications and videos covering food safety, nutrition, cosmetic safety, dietary supplements, and industry information, including food defense.
The content in the Library is listed alphabetically, or users can use a system of filters to quickly drill down to items that meet their needs. For example, an expectant mother who is concerned about protecting herself and her baby from foodborne illness can use the Library to search for resources about food safety and pregnancy. To find the information she needs, she can use the filters in the left column to create a narrowed list of food safety titles, one of which will be Food Safety for Pregnant Women, a 20-page booklet that explains why food safety is critical for pregnant women and their unborn babies, low-risk vs. high-risk food choices, and how to handle foods as safely as possible while pregnant. To download or order a free copy, she can follow the prompts on the site.
In another example, a physician could use this Library to search for materials that could offer guidance when counseling a patient who’s trying to understand more about nutrition. He or she can access the catalog and click on these filters:
  • Nutrition,
  • Physicians and Healthcare Providers,
  • PDF Downloads,
After clicking “Apply”, the results will include a variety of downloadable materials about using the NFL (Nutrition Facts Label), including Understanding and Using the Nutrition Facts Label and Key Nutrients and Your Health, both developed in collaboration with the American Medical Association for a continuing medical education project.
The Education Resource Library catalog is designed to make CFSAN’s wide range of public health education information more accessible for individuals seeking science-based food safety, nutrition, and cosmetic safety information, whether for professional or personal reasons. The materials are available for download or they can be ordered if copies are available.
You can find this free Education Resource Library here: www.fda.gov/EducationResourceLibrary

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