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NIOSH Research Rounds - February, 2018

NIOSH Research Rounds - February, 2018


In This Issue

Inside NIOSH:
Severe Black Lung Disease Found in Many Former Coal Miners

NIOSH researchers, in partnership with staff from a network of federally funded black lung clinics in Virginia, have reported the largest cluster of severe black lung disease ever described in the scientific literature, according to new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Outside NIOSH:
Differences in Reporting Work-related Injuries and Illnesses Affect Cost Estimates

Work-related injuries and illnesses are a significant and persistent problem in many industries. The first step in prevention involves pinpointing risks by understanding where and how injuries and illnesses occur. Typically, researchers look at reported cases using workers’ compensation and other official records, but these cases may underestimate the true number of injuries due to underreporting and use of group health insurance, rather than workers’ compensation.

New Study Aims for a Better Night’s Sleep for Truck Drivers

The NIOSH Total Worker Health® Program strives to protect workers by considering the whole spectrum of influences on worker safety and health. In addition to tangible work-related risks, such as handling hazardous chemicals or operating heavy machinery, these influences extend far beyond the workplace to the worker’s home and community. They include wages, workload, and stress, as well as the relationships between workers and employers, and even adequate sleep.

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