lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012

Multiple-State Genomics Data | Genetic Conditions

Multiple-State Genomics Data | Genetic Conditions

Multiple-State Genomics Data 

2001 - 2010

Multiple State Genetics Programs have collected population-based genomic data using state surveillance systems.  Examples of such data include: the prevalence of family history for specific chronic conditions, public awareness and collection of family history, perceptions and use of DTC genetic testing as well as genetic testing for breast and colorectal cancer.  By collecting and analyzing population-based data, programs can monitor trends and use the data for program improvement and evaluation.

Family History and disease/disorders

Breast/Ovarian cancer
Cardiovascular Disease
Chronic Disease
Colorectal Cancer

Family History
Prostate Cancer
Other Topics
DTC Genetic Testing
Genetic Discrimination
Newborn Screening Dried Blood Spots (DBS)
Colorectal Cancer Genetic Testing

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