martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

HAN Archive - 00364|Health Alert Network (HAN)

HAN Archive - 00364|Health Alert Network (HAN)

UPDATE to HAN 364: Guidelines for Evaluation of US Patients Suspected of Having Ebola Virus Disease

[Update 8/8/2014: Subsequent to the issuance of HAN 364, CDC has made a minor revision and now recommends that healthcare workers contact their state and/or local health department and CDC to determine the proper category for shipment based on clinical history and risk assessment by CDC. State guidelines may differ and state or local health departments should be consulted prior to shipping. For updated guidance on specimen submission, visit for detailed instructions and a link to the specimen submission form for CDC laboratory testing.
CDC has also posted Interim Guidance for Specimen Collection, Transport, Testing, and Submission for Patients with Suspected with Ebola Virus Disease at] 

HAN 364 is available on the CDC HAN website at

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