lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

NQS Priorities In Action Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

NQS Priorities In Action Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Coalition for Homeless

This latest edition of the National Quality Strategy’s Priorities in Action features the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, which has been working to integrate health care and housing services for people who are homeless based on the principle that safe housing is required to effectively manage the related mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders, and multiple chronic medical conditions of individuals who are homeless. As a result of its work, the health status of individuals served by the Coalition improved while saving $31,545 on average per participant over 2 years*.
The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless promotes person- and family-centered care, effective communication and care coordination, and makes quality care more affordable through the lever of Innovation and Diffusion. The Coalition’s efforts also improve access to health and health care for people who are homeless.

*Perlman, J. and Parvensky, J. (2006). Cost Benefit Analysis and Program Outcomes Report, Denver Housing First Collaborative. Available at!userfiles/Housing/Executive_Summary_DHFC_study.pdf

National Quality Strategy: Better Care. Healthy People/Healthy Communities. Affordable Care

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