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17 Years of Olmstead in Action: Celebrate Community Living and Share Your Stories!

June 06, 2016

17 Years of Olmstead in Action: Celebrate Community Living by Sharing Your Stories!

Seventeen years ago, the Supreme Court ruled in Olmstead v. L.C. (Olmstead) that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, people with disabilities cannot be unnecessarily segregated and must receive services in the most integrated setting possible.  The Olmstead decision is at the core of the Administration for Community Living’s mission to maximize the independence, well-being, and health of older adults, people with disabilities across the lifespan. 
To help us celebrate the anniversary of this landmark decision and its profound impact on the lives of people with disabilities and older adults, we want to hear from you!  
June 6 through June 24 use social media and the hashtag #OlmsteadAction to share individual stories of transition into the community and/or what your organization does to promote independent and community living for older adults and people with disabilities.

Example Social Media Posts:
Independence Now Inc. staff visit 48 nursing facilities in a bi-county area on a monthly basis to provide

outreach and support to all residents who may be interested in transitioning to community living.


Equip for Equality produced a short video, A Place to Call Home (2011) about the personal stories of

named plaintiffs in the case Ligas v. Hamos and the difficulties they faced in the fight to live in the

community and not be forced to live in institutions because of their disabilities. #OlmsteadAction

At Placer Independent Resource Services, many consumers are older adults. Home modifications can

be an important tool for older adults to remain in the community or transition out of a nursing facility.


We look forward to celebrating this landmark anniversary by hearing all the ways Olmstead is in action  in your communities! 
Click here to explore multimedia resources and learn more about the significance of Olmstead.

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