jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

IEEE/NIST Timing Challenges in the Smart Grid Workshop | NIST

IEEE/NIST Timing Challenges in the Smart Grid Workshop | NIST


On October 26, 2016, the IEEE/NIST Timing Challenges in the Smart Grid Workshop will offer a webcast option. We will kickoff with experts in advanced Smart Grid efforts, including Pacific Gas and Electric, Bonneville Power Administration, Dominion Virginia Power, and Southern California Edison. 
The agenda will include an overview of the applications using timing and the challenges in achieving robust time for maximizing efficiency of renewable integration in power systems as well as an exploration of timing assurance challenges and potential solutions.
The workshop will be chaired by Doug Arnold, IEEE 1588 co-chair, who will be moderating the roundtable discussion to analyze the timing challenges and prioritize the standards and research needed to get timing right. An IEEE sponsored social event will follow the workshop. 
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Timing Challenge in Smart Grid

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