viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017

Final Version of MONAHRQ 7 and New Data Files Available

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    Updated Version of MONAHRQ 7 and New Data Files Available
AHRQ is pleased to announce the release of the final, updated version of MONAHRQ 7. This version, MONAHRQ 7 Build 5, provides new mobile display features that allow for easier to read navigation, searching, and comparison of providers on mobile devices. In addition, this version provides some code maintenance updates, and is paired with new base data and CMS Compare data files (available on MONAHRQ Data page).
For existing users, you can apply the MONAHRQ 7 Build 5 upgrade patch to your existing software, (any prior versions such as MONAHRQ 7 Build 3, MONAHRQ 6.0 Build 2, and earlier). This will add capabilities to import the latest CMS Hospital Compare Database and Nursing Home Compare Database.
Project Support Reminder: As a reminder, the MONAHRQ project support ended on September 26, 2017. From this point forward, AHRQ is no longer able to offer technical support or new versions of the software or MONAHRQ-tailored data files. Materials have been designed to provide guidance to Host Users on how they can use MONAHRQ without AHRQ technical support. In addition, the full MONAHRQ source code and related materials for editing and updating the code is available as an open source project and hosted on the AHRQ GitHub website.
For more information or to download the most recent version of MONAHRQ, please visit:
We thank you for your continued interest in MONAHRQ for your support and use over the years.
More About MONAHRQ:
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