viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

MMWR Vol. 66 / Early Release


MMWR Early Release
Vol. 66, Early Release
October 27, 2017

In this report
Deaths Involving Fentanyl, Fentanyl Analogs, and U-47700 — 10 States, July–December 2016
Julie K. O’Donnell, PhD; John Halpin, MD; Christine L. Mattson, PhD; et al.

The figure above is a photograph showing the word “fentanyl” written in a notebook along with its chemical makeup. The notebook is flanked by chemicals.
Illicitly manufactured fentanyl is 50–100 times more potent than morphine.

A CDC report finds fentanyl was detected in at least half of opioid overdose deaths in seven of ten states; 57% of fentanyl-involved deaths also tested positive for other illicit drugs, such as heroin.

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