martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Celebrating America’s Health Centers

Dept. of Health & Human Services
In celebration of National Health Center Week, we take great pride in recognizing the critical role health centers play in assuring accessible, affordable, and quality health care services to millions of people across the country.
For more than 45 years, Americans have turned to their local Community Health Centers for vital health care services that help them lead healthy productive lives.  And today, 21.7 million patients receive health care services from the nearly 1,300 health centers across the nation.
For each of these individuals - and those who will turn to health centers for care in the future, the Affordable Care Act has helped to break down barriers so that people can get access to the right care when they need it.
Thank you to the many community health centers around the country for helping keep America healthy!
National Health Center Week
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