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Yasmin or Yar serious

thrombotic effects. Are users well informed?
November 14 ACTUALIZED

Yasmin or Yar serious thrombotic effects. Are users well informed?

It has been reported that the multinational drug company Bayer has had to pay out 1800 million in damages to 8900 women in the United States who suffered medical problems (including death) ... Leer más.
the parents' decision was

correct as regards taking the approach that they believed best for the well-being of their son; in this respect we believe that the London hospital

should have arranged things so that this decision could have been taken without any further problems.

Hospital care - An ethical reflection on the Ashya Kin case 

 It seems  unacceptable that the English hospital could not allow the parents to use the therapy that they preferred and could pay, … Leer más.
Uterus transplant, birth of the first child - ethical approach

Uterus transplant, birth of the first child - ethical approach

The birth of the first child born to a woman who had received a uterus transplant f …
Euthanasia claims od the killer Frank

Van Den Bleeken rejected and palliative care is choose, he accepts the offer

Euthanasia, killer serving a life sentence claims finally rejected

Euthanasia has been granted to a prisoner condemned to life imprisonment in Belgium but it has been cancellated because  “the decision of doctors treating Frank Van Den Bleeken…Leer más.


Discouraging results for gay activist

Gay activists disappointed: only 2,3% of the USA population!

For years they have asked that this question be included in the Government report but the results have been discouraging          … Leer más.


Child Euthanasia law

theright to terminate the life of requires special care children

Euthanasia law in Belgium for any age

The next step, euthanasia especially for children who need special care...   This project acquired the force of law when it was signed by the …Leer más.
HIV resistant people, the clue for a new


HIV resistant people, the clue for a new treatment?

HIV patients are properly treated, a virus reservoir always persists in their cells, which means that they must always be considered as chronic patients … Leer más.

Conscientious objection of familiy  companies to the "contraceptive madate" is legalized in USA

Conscientious objection ethics of familiy companies to the "contraceptive madate" The United States Supreme Court has decided, by a majority companies can object to finance and offer their employees an insurance plan with contraceptives, the morning-after pill and sterilisation… Leer más.

Surrogate mothers, strong French reaction against the legalization

Unlike what tends to happen in other countries, the French reaction to a confusing sentence from the European Court of Human Rights has been rather strong… Leer más.

Chemotherapy in pregnant women would not affect the foetus

An analysis of the situation of pregnancies that occur during oncology treatments has been one of the points that has aroused most interest among European health professionals. New studies however have cleared … Leer más.

Lung cells produced from iPS cells

Lung cells produced from iPs cells demostrate the usefull of this last cells avoiding to use embryo cells,, effectiveness and ehics. An article has been published reporting iPS cells have a positive application in regenerative … Leer más.

Genomes to be mapped of 10,000 rare diseases

A program is being launched in the United Kingdom to sequence 10,000 genomes of patients with "rare diseases" and their parents. The studies began past October (Nature Biotechnology 32; 7, 2014)

Sequenced genomes, 100,000 by Saudi Arabia

The "Saudi Human Genome Programme" is to launch… Leer más.


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