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Fundamentación de la bioética : Rethinking the Global Response to Public Health Emergencies
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Members of the Presidential Commission on the Study of Bioethical Issues (Bioethics Commission) are considering possible recommendations for future engagements in public health emergencies, including ethical approaches to conducting research in affected countries even in the midst of a crisis.

Yesterday’s deliberations touched on a wide range of issues generated by the ongoing Ebola epidemic in western Africa, from the ethics of using placebos in clinical trials, to the stigmatization of members of western African communities and health care workers who tended to the sick, to the need to improve the response to future outbreaks.

Commission members heard from a wide variety of speakers, including current and former government officials; leading experts in infectious disease, ethics, and global health; and people who belong to and work with communities both in western Africa and the U.S. who have been profoundly affected by the epidemic.

The day closed with a roundtable discussion at which Amy Gutmann, Ph.D., Chair of the Bioethics Commission, posed a simple question: “If there was one thing you think could be improved moving forward in the U.S. response to public health crises like Ebola, what would it be?”


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