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AcademyHealth: Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice

AcademyHealth: Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice

Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice

Concordium 2015

September 21-22 | Washington, DC

Concordium 2015 seeks to advance the strategic development and use of evidence to transform health systems by:  
  • Showcasing Innovation and Leading Ideas;
  • Sharing Emerging Science and Applications; and 
  • Promoting Collaboration. 
Transforming health care delivery into a system that achieves the Triple Aim requires an understanding of how best to use electronic health data for research and quality improvement (QI). This new meeting brings together the EDM Forum Stakeholder Symposium and AcademyHealth’s Delivery System Meeting, to focus on ways to integrate evidence, practice, and policy.
Speakers and participants will include individuals developing and implementing these transformation strategies in health delivery systems, including:
  • Data scientists and analysts

Registration is Now Open
Register today and join us in Washington, DC.

Preliminary Agenda

The preliminary agenda is now available online

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