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Dept. of Health & Human Services
Rethought. Restructured. Reimagined. Welcome to the new Research tells us we have seven seconds to grab your attention. People are busy; want information fast. So, check out this quick intro to the new
Welcome to the Reimagined

Reimagined for your mobile device or computer

The reimagined is a mobile-first, responsive website designed to help you find info fast. Our site responds automatically to your screen size. Content is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Top content is at the top of the page. The tile navigation is clear, intuitive, with fewer dead ends.
A larger search box invites you to a powerful smart search, with predictive fill and key matches to ensure your best options come to the top. There’s even a “fact box” on the search results page to serve you the “bite” of core information without even having to click. We understand you need info now.

Reimagined to streamline your experience

We cleaned out the attic, tossing a whopping 154,000 obsolete files, so search is faster and we don’t waste your time wading through outdated content. We’re organizing content by topic so you won’t have to know, for example, that to find HIPAA information, you need to go to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) webpage.
We’ve increased opportunities for engagement, content sharing, syndication, and much, much more.

Reimagined from your perspective

The re-imagining of was guided by surveys, web analytics, workshops, market research, and usability testing with the public. We learned from digital leaders; WIREDmagazine, for instance, which undertook a similar project, and NPR, which pioneered content re-purposing.

Reimagined for the future

This is just Phase 1 of a work in progress. We will launch three more phases in 2015, including the OCR/HIPAA redesign this winter. And we’d like your help; let us know what you think about the new by taking our website feedback survey.
To borrow from Scott Dadich, editor-in-chief of WIRED: “We didn’t design the site to be perfect. We designed it to be perfected.”
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