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CDC-Authored Genomics Publications

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CDC authors are indicated in bold
Molecular epidemiology of Plasmodium falciparum malaria outbreak, Tumbes, Peru, 2010-2012External Web Site Icon 
Baldeviano GC, Okoth SA, Arrospide N, Gonzalez RV, Sanchez JF, Macedo S, Conde S, Tapia LL, Salas C, Gamboa D, Herrera Y, Edgel KA, Udhayakumar V, Lescano AG. Emerg Infect Dis. 2015 May;21(5).
Recovery of recombinant Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus reveals a function for non-structural glycoproteins cleavage by furinExternal Web Site Icon 
Bergeron EZivcec MChakrabarti AKNichol STAlbarino CGSpiropoulou CFPLoS Pathog.2015 May;11(5):e1004879.
Challenges posed by tick-borne rickettsiae: eco-epidemiology and public health implications.External Web Site Icon
Eremeeva ME, Dasch GAFront Public Health. 2015 Apr 21;3:55.
Full genomic characterization and phylogenetic analysis of a zoonotic human G8P[14] rotavirus strain detected in a sample from guatemala.External Web Site Icon
Gautam R, Mijatovic-Rustempasic S, Roy S, Esona MD, Lopez B, Mencos Y, Rey-Benito G,Bowen MD.
Infect Genet Evol. 2015 May 5. pii: S1567-1348(15)00166-5.
Genome wide identification of new genes and pathways in patients with both autoimmune thyroiditis and type 1 diabetes.External Web Site Icon
Tomer Y, Dolan LM, Kahaly G, Divers J, D'Agostino RB Jr, Imperatore GDabelea D, Marcovina S, Black MH, Pihoker C, Hasham A, Hammerstad SS, Greenberg DA, Lotay V, Zhang W, Monti MC, Matheis N; SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study. J Autoimmun. 2015 Apr 27. pii: S0896-8411(15)00044-X.
Molecular characterisation of Cryptosporidium (Apicomplexa) in children and cattle in Romania.External Web Site Icon
Vieira PM, Mederle N, Lobo ML, Imre K, Mederle O, Xiao L, Darabus G, Matos O. Folia Parasitol (Praha). 2015 Jan 1;62. pii: 2015.002.
Dominance of Giardia duodenalis assemblage A and Enterocytozoon bieneusi genotype BEB6 in sheep in Inner Mongolia, China.External Web Site Icon
Ye J, Xiao L, Wang Y, Guo YRoellig DM, Feng Y. Vet Parasitol. 2015 Apr 24. pii: S0304-4017(15)00201-0.

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