martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

MercatorNet: Integrity, mission, and the Little Sisters of the Poor


We have three very strong stories today for you.
"Is Trump the new Constantine?" is bound to be controversial. Blaise Joseph contends that, for all his flaws, Donald Trump's lack of political correctness could usher in a new era in which people no longer fear to defend traditional values. 
"The long and winding road" is an autobiographical account of James Parker's journey from gay activism in London to happily married family man in Australia. It's brave, touching and informative.
And Richard Garnett's explanation of why some religious organisations find Obamacare's contraceptive mandate an affront to their beliefs sheds light on a very complex topic. 

Michael Cook 
Is Trump the new Constantine?
Blaise Joseph | FEATURES | 22 March 2016
The conservative Christian case for The Donald
The long and winding road
James Parker | FEATURES | 22 March 2016
A one-time activist reflects on his journey out of the gay lifestyle
Integrity, mission, and the Little Sisters of the Poor
Richard Garnett | FEATURES | 22 March 2016
The Obama administration has forced a religious employer to go to the Supreme Court over free contraception. Why?
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